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In a world of overused fonts, there arose one font to rule them all.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whale Bar & Bone Grill

Okay, some of you might think that this is supposed to say "Whale Bone Bar & Grill". I'd say, "of course not don't be ridiculous!"

Now, you might call me crazy, but I say what's crazy is that this looks like it's HAND PAINTED!

That's right. I'm pretty sure this is a first for our blog... the very first hand painted Papyrus. But then, it's not even real Papyrus. It's PARCHMENT! And we all know that Parchment is the Mr. Pibb Pibb XTra to Papyrus's Dr. Pepper. So, for the hand painting, it gets an "A", but it gets docked a point for "faux-pyrus".

Overall Rating: B (for Bone Grill)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Real Gemstone Earrings

What a gem of a Papyrus sighting! Real Gemstone Earrings! Like the Trading Company, your jaw will be "Earthbound" as it drops to the floor when you see this: Papyrus, surrounded with (images of) gemstones! Does it get any more regal than this? And there's a bit of a drop shadow to really make it "POP!"

Random note, I think they stretched the "G" out a little bit. It's hard to tell because of the angle of the picture. But I did a little Photoshop magic, and take a look for yourself at the photo below...

What do you think, is the "G" stretched, or did I just not get the thing lined up correctly? The truth is, I think that if someone was going to go to the effort to stretch out a letter, they would at least make it noticeably stretched. They probably wouldn't bother to stretch it just a tiny bit. So, I'll say it's just the camera angle playing optical tricks. I've thought about this way too much.

Overall Rating: A (for Amethyst)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wine List

This Papyrus sighting has a crisp clean finish. Notice the wide kerning in the header. The words "WINE LIST" seem to be trying to spread all the way across the page, for maximum Papyrus coverage. The wine colored letters evoke ripe fruit with vanilla undertones. And the smaller letters are delightfully harmonious, with a hint of sweetness. 
Overall Rating: B (for Buttery Nuances)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ritchies Fine Food & Wine Merchants

New Papyrus Sighting!! This one was sent in from Andrew Ostroff in Australia. He says "Some fodder for the papyrusmill.. Completely renegade & off brand for IGA in Australia."  What better way to say Fine Food & Wine, than with Papyrus? This looks like a nice normal use of the typeface, but I think there might be a small amount of beveling on the edges. Always a nice way to make the letters look more 3-Dimensional. Welcome to Something Special indeed... Thanks, Andrew!

Overall Rating: A (for Australia)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


OH MAN!!! Do you want to put Papyrus all over everything? Now you can! With these handy dandy Papyrus stencils, you can put Papyrus on your living room wall, your van door, your conference room and (probably) more! You will be "Good-To-Go"! 
Overall Rating: C (for Craft)


You won't want to skip this Papyrus sighting! Check out Blue Crab Bay Co.'s nautical themed use of Papyrus. I feel like I'm being whisked away on a sailboat, with nothing but some peanuts and an overused typeface. I guess the good folks at B.C.B.C. didn't feel like Papyrus was good enough for their other flavor, "Surf Doggies". 
Overall Rating: B (for Blue Crab)

Friday, February 8, 2013


I found this screen cleaning kit at Radio Shack. This company also makes cables emotional transporters. I did not buy any, so I guess my emotions will not be transported. I'll have to stick with stationary emotions. Upon close examination, it seems that this a Papyrus imposter! I'm pretty sure this is Faux-pyrus! It's otherwise known as Parchment. It's pretty simple red on black. Nothing much to say about it other than it looks like they widened the kerning between the 'e' and the 'L', which is kind of odd. Did they worry that the words ran too closely together? Did they want to make it look more like two words? If so, why didn't they just put a space in between them? It's like they weren't sure if they wanted to make it one word or two, and they settled for 1.25 words. Crazy.
Overall Rating: C (for Cables Emotional Transporters)

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